Review Policy

Review Policy

Para evitar inconvenientes o confusiones con las reseñas que se solicitan decidí especificar en las siguientes líneas el tiempo, formato, lugares adicionales donde público…, y todo lo que pueda influir en las solicitudes de reseñas.
  1. Sobre los formatos, se me es bastante preferible que sean en PAPEL, pero en la mayoría de los casos por el país donde vivo (Colombia) o por inconvenientes del autor(a) no es posible. Para esos, casos se aceptaran e-books, teniendo en cuenta los puntajes del libro en distintos lugares de reseñas.
  2. Para los formatos e-book sería preferible en pdf. Algunos de los libros que tengo para leer en estos formatos los he obtenido en Netgalley y también he estado utilizando Smashwords. (En este último, el autor puede enviarme un cupón para el libro. De nuevo, si el autor no puede enviarlo en papel.)
  3. El único lugar adicional donde publico las reseñas es en Goodreads, pero en muchas ocasiones los autores les gusta que sean publicados en otros lugares, así que se deberá especificar y yo les dejare saber en cuales sitios más fáciles para mí.
  4. Sobre el tiempo, autores, publicistas y editoriales, entiendo la importancia que tiene para ustedes las reseñas y demás actividades, pero a partir del momento en que acepte la copia (Ya sea en papel o digital) no se cuando pueda publicar la reseña ya sea por cuestiones de Internet (que por cierto, que molesto que se esta volviendo) o por acumulación de trabajo; muy pronto la Universidad se va a volver un gran peso. Debido a esto, por favor no me pidan fechas exactas ya que sera difícil cumplir.
  5. Guest Post, Giveaways o Entrevistas pueden ser pedidas por el autor. Así que tratare de la forma más rápida posible de responder a estas solicitudes.
  6. Y sin obviar lo más importante, dejo la lista de géneros que reseño:
  • Distopias
  • YA (todos los subgéneros a este)
  • Romántica
  • Ficción
  • Indie
  • Chick Lit
  • Juvenil No-Ficción
  • Novelas Graficas
  • Fantasía
  • New Adult

  1. What Formats prefer I?
    About the formats, is quite preferable to me to be on paper, but in most cases by the country where I live (Colombia) or drawbacks of the author (s) is not possible. For these, cases e-books will be accepted, taking into account scores of book reviews in different places.
    For e-book formats would be preferable in pdf. Some of the books I have to read these formats I have obtained from Netgalley and I've been using Smashwords. (In the latter, the author can send me a coupon for the book. Again, if the author can not send it on paper.)
  2.  Where I Publish?
    The only
    additional place where the public is on Goodreads reviews, but in many cases the authors would like to be published elsewhere, so you must specify and I'll let you know which sites easier for me.

  3. How long it took to read and post? About the time, Authors, Publishers and Editorials, I understand how important it is for you the reviews and other activities, but starting in the moment I accept the copy (either paper or digital) I don't Know when I'll post the review either because Internet issues (which by the way, that it is getting annoying) or accumulation of work; University is soon going to become a great weight. Because of this, please do not ask me exact dates because it will be difficult to fulfill.
  4. Others...
    Guest Post, Giveaway or interviews could be requested by the author. So I will try as quickly as possible to respond to these requests.
  5. Genres:And not forgetting the most important thing, leave the list of genres that I review:
    • dystopias
    • YA (all subgenres to this)
    • romantic
    • fiction
    • Indie
    • Sci-Fi
    • Juvenile nonfiction
    • Graphic Novels
    • Fantasy

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  1. Hola,

    Su pagina de Contact Me no funciona. Entonces, voy a escribir la nota aquí...



    I would like to submit my debut novel, Sweet Money Won, for a review at your blog. It is a work of crime fiction, mixing suspense and humor, and it is intended for adults.

    Title: Sweet Money Won
    Author: Mycroft Magnusson
    Genre: Crime Fiction
    Page Count: 404 (paperback)
    Amazon link:

    Log line:

    Rick and Liam are two small-time con artists from LA's Koreatown, desperate to pay off their gambling debts. They get mixed up with Russian sex-traffickers, in a scheme to blackmail a philandering congressman. Sweet Money Won balances character-driven suspense with a comic portrait of masculinity in crisis.


    I would be happy to send you a copy of either the paperback or ebook for review purposes.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Best Regards,

    -Mycroft Magnusson

    P.S. - Puedes contactar me a mycroftmagnusson at gmail dot com

  2. Hello, please review my novel Iron Bloom. It is a heroic fantasy with lots of action about a young woman becoming a warrior. I can provide the book in any format available from Smashwords including mobi, epub, or pdf, and the blurb is as follows:

    Journey back to a time of epic legends with the tale of Rose, a mighty warrior torn between the power of the sword and her longing for a peaceful life.

    A young woman with a kind heart and extraordinary constitution, Rose becomes a warrior to better the world. Despite the wealth and fame she wins as one of the greatest champions of her time, the bloody reality of her new life is nothing like her ideal dream. She yearns for a chance to escape the violence.

    She finds that chance in Ethan, the leader of an altruistic pacifist group. But when a barbarian horde invades their kingdom, Rose knows that she can make a difference by taking up her sword again. Will her need to protect her homeland cost her the man she loves?

    Its Amazon page is here and its Smashwords page is here

    Please contact me at Thanks for considering my book!

  3. Hi,
    I'm Carmen Stefanescu from:
    I joined to follow your blog. I'd be happy if you could honor mine too!

    I live in Romania, better known as Dracula's country. I am a teacher of English and German.
    Best regards,


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